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Frank Reynolds Long Story Short…

Since shortly after waking up paralyzed in December 1992, I’ve been inventing, researching, processing, and developing a wide range of neurological treatments.  By 2006 I had finished my formal science, engineering, and business education which took 20 years to complete.

Formal Education Will Set You Free

My education formed the basis for leading the invention or co-inventing treatments such as the NeuroScaffold, injectable Neuroscaffold, steroid based injectable pain treatments, and NeuroRelease based injectable pain treatments, drug delivery systems for epilepsy, acute and chronic spinal cord injury treatments and Parkinson’s disease.

Researching and Developing Science in the Corporate (Real) World

I’ve won global awards as a neuroscientist, an engineer, and an entrepreneur earning credibility and integrity at many levels of science, engineering, and Wall Street.  In order to support my inventions I intensified my education in drug discovery and drug development for neuroscience.  I’ve been educated at the best universities in the world including school Rider University, Chestnut Hill College, St. Joseph’s Univ, Temple University, University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering Applied Science, The Wharton School, Harvard Business School, and MIT Sloan.

From 2005 – 2017 my lead inventions include the NeuroScaffold for acute traumatic spinal cord injury, and my injectable NeuroScaffold for traumatic spinal cord injury.  I’ve also invented injectable steroid based non-opiate anti-inflammatory pain treatments, and NeuroRelease an injectable non-opiate non addictive morphine replacement.

In 2005, when I founded InVivo Therapeutics there was no Spinal cord injury industry, so I established an industry to provide hope to patients through first of its kind successful primate studies and human studies.

It’s my responsibility to lead the way forward in neuroscience with patent pending advances pain, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and spinal cord injury.

Success has 1,000 fathers…Failures, None.  Accountability is the only way to success.

Since I was forced out of InVivo Therapeutics with bullshit expense abuse claims, based on a fabricated expense policy in August 2013 I have heard a bunch of bogus stories about the invention of our NeuroScaffold and due to market forces it’s time for me to set the record straight.

I was paralyzed in 1992, thru my own R&D I restored my function, then conceived the NeuroScaffold and led the invention all the way through regulatory approvals to begin human studies on my formulation.  In August 2013, I was just weeks from starting humans when the Board of InVivo Therapeutics forced me out and made ridiculous public claims about not being ready to start humans due to prior management.  Since 2008, my NeuroScaffold is the only invention to improve function in non-human primates, then in Jan 2015 the NeuroScaffold improved function in Jordan Fallis.   I still have 23 more years of R&D inventions until my retirement in 2039 and my best inventions are yet to come.

During my career I have hired and fired tens of “spinal cord injury experts” including the world’s “most popular” spinal cord experts and not one contributed to the invention of the NeuroScaffold.  Global spending on SCI research from 1950 to 2008 was over $4,000,000,000 spent over decades.  I spent only $1.3M on R&D and achieved functional recovery in non-human primates. I spent just $27.7M to get the NeuroScaffold FDA approved to start human studies.

One of my NeuroScaffold co-inventors Robert S Langer is the most cited scientists in history.  I always felt lucky to cross paths with “Bob Langer” in 2005, as an MIT student when I had the opportunity to discuss with Bob, the NeuroRehabilitation program that restored my function and my SCI theories on neuroprotection and regeneration.  Bob cofounded the fields of drug delivery, tissue regeneration, angiogenesis inhibitors, and combination products within those fields so Bob’s confirmation of my theories set off over a decade of aggressively filing 60 life science patents.

Based on my conversations with Bob I created synergies of science and engineering required to advance new treatment options for a range of neurological conditions.  I led with 110 hour work weeks since 2006, and that is what was required to solve the tough research and development questions of spinal cord injury repair without stem cells.   I had to micromanage every aspect of InVivo’s R&D revolution to weed out bad scientific advisors.  Inserting in and out well over 100 plus advisors over the peak five year of R&D.  I delivered for shareholders and patients every day.

I’m gifted to see the neurological cure finish line for HUGE Neurological problems and then I drive products toward market, ignoring the Nobel level noise from naysayers and detractors.  Some things in life you just know, but you can always tell the Nobel Lauriass’, and assholes from the real believers and the truly inventive helpers.

Frank Reynolds R&D Team 2017 and Beyond- Focused On Reynolds Therapeutics

The year 2017 started with great success in my labs, excitement around outsourcing our cGMP manufacturing, cutting ties with former Pacira staff and related advisors. We remained on path for FDA approval in late 2018 when we were notified of an SEC investigation. At the same time InVivo Therapeutics, the company I founded on November 28, 2005 made public statements that I was not a co-inventor of the NeuroScaffold patents. My investigation into how my name came off the NeuroScaffold patents has been an eye opener.

I always file my patents myself and then I add others

It is total Bullshit that someone removed my name from the NeuroScaffold patents. Over the last 11+ years I have 1000’s of emails, hand written patent notes, teams of co-worker witnesses, and teams of consultants witnesses, teams of my 60 filed patent co-inventors who watched me invent the NeuroScaffold with my own ideas, work and money. My defamation attorneys are buzzing along. I led the invention of the NeuroScaffold, from conception, technical specifications, preclinical results and ALL clinical planning. Since I filed the patents I know I was listed as an inventor on ALL the NeuroScaffold patents, on the day I was forced out of InVivo Therapeutics in August 2013.

I’m Done Sharing Invention Credit

In March 2017, in a disgraceful act of scientific abuse, I found out that in Jan 2017 in the Journal of Biomaterials, InVivo Therapeutics published a warped version of my years of primate spinal cord injury research data. The published data has been known to many of the authors to be false data since 2010. Why did the paper suddenly publish in January 2017, without my consent after 6 years of my blocking the publishing? Ignorance of the past is no excuse. I’m sure it’s because InVivo Therapeutics thought they were caught taking my name off the NeuroScaffold patents so InVivo Therapeutics published my data without me in order to try to erase me from ALL the NeuroScaffold science and invention. This will be an easy win. I led and conducted the primate studies 2007-2013, so to see the warped data published without my consent and without my authorship has led me to rethink my R&D team. I’ve decided to go forward with my research reworking my team of consultants and other R&D professionals. I won’t miss a beat because I am the real deal inventing in my labs and producing real R&D portfolios for patients and investors. PixarBio will continue to be driven by my R&D inventions and plans, and with just under $20M required to spend to receive FDA approval we are well on our way to NeuroRelease providing pain treatment in humans.